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Time for a few announcements, folks!

1. Starting today, I am returning as a contributor to Image Journal’s omniblog Good Letters, which has a new home at Patheos, an umbrella site for lots of faith-oriented blogs. I wrote for Good Letters for roughly two years when I lived in Seattle and worked for Image, but retired after I moved to Philadelphia because I knew I’d need all my time and strength to make that big life adjustment. But now that I’m settled, and as long-time and most excellent contributor Kelly Foster has retired to focus on her own work and life transitions, I’m back. You can read my first post back here. It’ll also give you some info on where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing the past few weeks. I’m happy to be back as part of the team.

2. Did you all hear about the new fiction imprint Slant Books that editor (and my former boss) Gregory Wolfe is launching with Wipf and Stock books? Very exciting news. I can tell you from experience that Greg likes things done the right way, so I’m sure we can look for quality titles, plus beautiful book design– Slant Books is committed to publishing hard cover editions. For now they’re keeping their lips sealed about to-be-released titles, but you can find out more at

3. You might notice some design changes here on the blog. The new header you see is courtesy of a photograph taken by my friend (and extremely talented videographer) David Rither. The photograph, taken at Seattle’s Gas Works Park, is so beautiful that I almost felt guilty using it here– like I was slicing it up like the part of Einstein’s brain now on display at Philadelphia’s Mutter Museum. It just doesn’t seem right. So here I will post the entire image for you. You are welcome!


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3 Responses to “Ch-ch-ch-changes!”

  1. Denise says:

    So glad to see you back at Good Letters! I always think, “I want to write like her!” but I’ll just let you inspire me to write– like me.

  2. Dyana says:

    I know what you mean, Denise. I basically feel that way anytime I read something written by someone else. Even kids. Maybe especially kids.

    Hope you have a really great and productive time at Glen West! Enjoy it doubly much for me!

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